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With Bestselling Author & Teacher
Mark Matousek
New Live Training Starts
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Discover a powerful, transformative writing practice that will fuel your creativity, deepen your personal relationships, and bring greater clarity to your life path.

Experience a profound sense of freedom by pouring your heart’s deepest truths into a journal or personal piece of writing — "lifting the veil" on your story, uncovering the gifts of your shadow, and experiencing witness consciousness.

The single greatest question of self-inquiry is “Who am I?”

This question can conjure up all sorts of ideas, emotions, memories, and even feelings of shame...

Yet within this simple question lies an opening to discover the depth of your feelings, hidden truths about yourself, and an opportunity for profound awakening.

A regular writing practice can not only facilitate this inquiry, it can be your path to healing and transformation. And through this tool of self-discovery you can find freedom — from limiting beliefs, past traumas, self-doubt and fear.

A transformative writing practice can also unleash your creative spirit and cultivate an expansive mind, open heart and authentic relationships...

Your journal can become your trusted confidante, Zen master and psychotherapist — all rolled into one.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to foster a truly transformative approach to writing, you can get stuck in rehashing old wounds, reliving emotional entanglements, and reinforcing negative thinking.

The difference between writing to vent and writing as a path of liberation lies in treating writing as an actual spiritual practice — one that’s every bit as powerful as meditation, prayer or yoga. In fact, writing can help free areas of yourself that most conventional spiritual practices never even touch.

When you start to view writing as an opportunity for deep inquiry — exploring who you are, reflecting on your soul’s purpose, and uncovering any unconscious blocks — you begin to tap into your true power.

The words that flow onto the page are portals into your greatest depths — the wellspring of true love, creativity and awakening.

Writing for Transformation

It’s not enough to simply write anything that pops into your head...

Unstructured writing can reinforce that which binds you, rather than help you discover that which frees you.

A truly liberating practice uses writing as a way to probe your inner landscape — chipping away at the ego, exploring buried feelings, and confronting your vulnerabilities. As a result, you’re able to connect more deeply to Spirit and expand your inner resources of love and compassion.

A transformative writing practice requires skillful inquiry, as well as the kind of discipline we associate with other practices dedicated to spiritual growth. As you venture into areas that generate resistance, it takes courage to continue moving forward instead of sticking to comfortable, more familiar terrain.

The rewards of a deep and powerful writing practice are immense, providing you with a way to access and examine revelatory insights, powerful truths, and your innermost Self.

More than anything, you’ll discover your unique genius, a path for manifesting it in the world, and how to transform any blocks into breakthroughs.

When you discover how to realize the transformative power of writing, you simultaneously:

When you know yourself fully, you’re able to relate from your authentic center and express yourself in ways that are more heartfelt, insightful, truthful and creative. And others find that compelling and inspiring, given that they also yearn to bring more authenticity and integrity to their interactions.

When people sense that you are integrated and at peace with yourself, they will trust you more and be drawn to interact and work with you.

People respond more powerfully to someone who is clear, authentic and free.

The Importance of a Master Guide

As with any genuine spiritual inquiry, it’s vital to have a master guide — one who is intimately familiar with the territory and can keep you on track (plus help you avoid the many pitfalls that emerge along any transformational journey).

Fortunately, such a guide is available to you...

Over the last three decades, Mark Matousek has become one of the world’s foremost chroniclers of the spiritual path — as an author (of the bestselling Sex Death Enlightenment), journalist (for publications such as The New Yorker and O), collaborator (on foundational books like the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying), and editor.

Mark is a master of language and, more importantly, a genius at marrying the depth of spiritual practice with the practice of writing. He’s a dynamic, clever, self-revealing and profound teacher whose practices and disciplines can help you fashion a liberating, lifelong writing practice.

He’s taught students worldwide the discipline of writing as a spiritual practice — in a way that’s profoundly liberating and very enjoyable.

And now you can join Mark for his upcoming, one-of-a-kind, 9-month program, The Transformative Path of Writing.

Writing as a spiritual practice requires not only a sincere, heartfelt commitment and the intention to live a more authentic, liberated life, it demands a deep dedication to showing up and putting pen to paper — no matter what happens and no matter what emotions rise to the surface.

It’s a discipline, however, that’s not in any way intimidating or burdensome. On the contrary, it’s discipline as in “disciple” — a disciple does what he or she does out of love for the practice.

When you commit to a regular practice, even for just 15 minutes a day, the practice takes on its own momentum, and it becomes easier and more inviting to sit down and do the work.

Indeed, the pleasure of self-discovery quickly becomes self-motivating... every “aha” moment beckons you to go deeper; each exhilarating revelation leads to another; every writing session, no matter the length, ends too soon.

During The Transformative Path of Writing, Mark will take you on a structured journey through seven key areas of writing which can help free you from old limitations that are compromising your sense of self, your relationships and your innate genius.

Mark is direct and will hold you accountable — in a loving and healthy way. He’ll challenge you to strive for a level of emotional intimacy beyond your current capacity. Yes, you may find yourself on the outer limits of your comfort zone... yet waiting on the other side of your discomfort is the liberating realization that you were as strong and as brave as you hoped you would be.

In addition to receiving Mark’s teachings, the third session of each monthly module will be a group coaching session designed to deepen your transformation by integrating Mark’s feedback into your writing journey.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to send Mark a piece of writing each month for review. He’ll then select three of these submissions for live coaching, and masterfully pinpoint areas to take your inquiry deeper.

Whether or not your writing is selected for group coaching, you’ll benefit from other participants’ examples, experiences and insights, which will help you take your own writing to the next level.

Under Mark’s patient, compassionate guidance, you’ll enter a safe container for honest self-inquiry, supported by a compassionate, like-minded global community.

You’ll be in good hands to take a deep dive into healing, freedom and awakening through writing... where you’ll discover and develop skills you can draw on for a lifetime.

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Months

Course sessions are on Wednesdays at Noon Pacific.

In this 9-month transformational intensive, Mark will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully navigate your past experiences and mine them for your journey of transformation through writing — which will in turn improve the quality of your life.

Each LIVE contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your writing throughout the course and beyond.

You’ll emerge with:

  • Deeper access to your spiritual identity
  • Insight into the history of your personal narrative
  • The ability to access witness consciousness
  • An enhanced capacity to discern the ego’s voice from the voice of your soul
  • A wider-angle lens on your “life myth”
  • An inner refuge you can turn to for wisdom and advice
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs and shame
  • Greater understanding of your shadow — and the gifts and wisdom it holds
  • A deeper connection to your secret passions and fears
  • Increased awareness of where fear is blocking you from achieving your desires
  • A nondual approach to desire
  • A more profound understanding of your personal source of meaning and purpose
  • The ability to focus your intentions, to stop procrastinating, and to practice discipline with kindness
  • Tools for healing from deep wounding from past traumas
  • Expanded access to your personal and creative genius
  • A deepened ability to express your innate gifts in the world

Module 1: Who Are You, Really? (June 7, 14 & 21)

We’ll look at the primary narratives that define your identity and direct your life. When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Tell the difference between self and story
  • Debunk old myths that do not define you
  • Open to new possibilities by questioning the status quo
  • Cultivate the witness perspective
  • Use writing as a liberating, spiritual practice

Module 2: Exploring the Shadow (July 5, 12 & 19)

You’ll begin to explore the shadow aspects of your story — the off-limits part of the psyche that you deny, neglect and suppress through fear, guilt, regret or shame. You’ll discover that your shadow contains your so-called negative aspects as well as positive, self-affirming gifts and the potential that had always remained just beyond your vision.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify the contents of your shadow
  • Overcome shame by exposing your secrets (to yourself)
  • Retrieve your disowned gifts and abandoned aptitudes
  • Understand the role of darkness in spiritual awakening
  • Integrate the shadow into daily life

Module 3: The Landscape of Desire (August 2, 9 & 16)

You’ll come to see that desire is the lifeblood of humanity — however often we hide it in the shadows. Desire is the source of creativity, healing and growth. Yet desire is often misunderstood as a culprit in spiritual life rather than a much-needed ally. How can we straighten out this confusion and access the source of our vitality?

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Name your true desires without self-judgment
  • Identify the fear stories associated with these desires
  • Use desire as fuel for self-inquiry and liberation
  • Reclaim the poetry of your life — “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”
  • Celebrate your earthly nature, knowing that you are a part of God

Module 4: Facing Resistance (September 6, 13 & 20)

You’ll examine the paradox of why illumination (of desires, strengths and paths to freedom) often calls up internal darkness that will test you on the path of awakening. Every spiritual journey includes opponents and confrontations, doubts, temptations and naysaying voices that try to block self-fulfillment and progress.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Confront your adversaries as difficult friends, not strangers
  • Tap into the inverted power of anger
  • Weaken fear through open awareness
  • Use resistance to strengthen your resolve
  • Practice courage as a form of self-care

Module 5: Original Blessing (October 4, 11 & 18)

You’ll recognize that you cannot transform what you have not first blessed — including (especially) your personal demons. Until you accept yourself “in the round” by including every imperfection, contradiction and confusion, you cannot recognize your original blessing: the essence of your human goodness, the genius you were born with.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Accept yourself without condition
  • Find inspiration and humor in your limitations
  • Abandon the notion of original sin
  • Be humble enough to be fully human
  • Recognize your original genius

Module 6: Pain & Resilience (November 1, 8 & 15)

You’ll explore the relationship of pain, resilience and self-acceptance. You’ll come to see that true strength goes hand in hand with vulnerability, and that the challenges of life truly do make us stronger, provided we’re willing to learn from pain and to change our stories about what constitutes “good” and “bad” luck.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Reframe experience by changing the story
  • Cultivate courage in the face of life challenges
  • Practice being “broken open” in order to be healed
  • Dive when you’re falling, to reach greater depths
  • Overcome self-pity with curiosity

Module 7: The Power of Choice (December 6, 13 & 20)

You’ll examine your relationship to choice, and why conscious choosing is inseparable from personal power and resilience. Learning to choose well engenders meaning in your life. Meaning, in turn, bestows purpose and intention, which lead to wellbeing and enduring freedom.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Recognize ambivalence as a breach of power
  • Overcome guilt, shame and inauthenticity as obstacles to conscious choice
  • Identify and focus personal intention
  • Tell the truth about what really matters (and what no longer does)
  • Be mindful of the link between personal choice and identity

Module 8: Where Is the Love? (January 3, 10 & 17)

You’ll see that the choice to love is the portal to an awakened life. Your earliest understanding of love, attachment, security and trust (in relation to your caregivers as a child) lays the groundwork for all future intimacies, whether romantic, platonic or familial. Once you understand how love has formed you, you enter into a whole new life.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify your attachment patterns in love
  • Recognize the dark sides of love, including jealousy, possessiveness and betrayal
  • Leave space for yourself and the other in intimacy
  • Relax the needs for control and dominance
  • Be vulnerable without shame

Module 9: The Sacred Journey (January 24, 31 & February 7)

You’ll harvest the wisdom — the eternal truth — that love and sacredness are inextricably connected. The purpose of life is to know the sacred, and to recognize existence as a sacred journey — from darkness to light, from amnesia to awe, from being story-bound to knowing yourself as the storyteller. This endows you with wisdom and possibility, and frees you from whatever myths have held you back.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Frame your life as a pilgrimage to truth
  • Practice beginner’s mind
  • Celebrate the sacred in everyday life
  • Recognize awe as nature’s alarm clock
  • Embrace your birthright as an awakening being

The Transformative Path of Writing Bonus Collection

In addition to Mark’s transformative 9-month program, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course — and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

The Power of Poetry to Awaken & Heal Us
Audio Dialogue With Mark Matousek and Kim Rosen

In this special audio dialogue, Kim Rosen shares with Mark how you can journey beyond the meanings of the words and fall into the vastness of a poem for a rhythmic immersion that takes you beyond the limits of the mind. Learn and experience how poetry changes the biochemistry of your brain, your body and your breath, taking you beyond your habitual patterns of thought to rediscover your true nature. Poems by many well-known modern and classic poets are shared throughout the session.

Kim Rosen has awakened listeners around the world to the power of poetry to heal and transform individuals and communities. She is the author of Saved By A Poem: The Transformative Power of Words. Combining her devotion to poetry with her background in psychotherapy and spirituality, she offers workshops, retreats and poetry concerts at retreat centers, conferences, universities and corporate settings. Kim earned her BA from Yale University and an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.

Journal Keeping as an Ancient Form of Self-counsel
Audio Dialogue With Mark Matousek and Kathleen Adams

Mark and Kathleen talk about the healing aspects of putting words to paper. Writing down your words allows you to make the abstract concrete and organize your thinking into language. This session looks at diary writing as a way to seek meaning from your stories by pouring forth the words from your heart.

Kathleen Adams is a bestselling author, speaker, psychotherapist and visionary. Her first book, Journal to the Self, is a classic that has helped define the field of journal therapy. She has also written The Write Way to Wellness: A Workbook for Healing and Change, The Way of the Journal, Mightier Than the Sword, and Scribing the Soul. Kay is a beloved teacher whose innovative work has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal, change and grow. A tireless advocate for the healing power of writing, Kay was listed (with Anaïs Nin and Anne Frank) as one of the three most significant influences on contemporary journal keeping in an poll. She is founder of the Center for Journey Therapy in Denver, Colorado, and a recent online venture called Journalverse.

Writing, Spirit & Telling the Truth
Audio Dialogue With Mark Matousek and Eve Ensler

In this intimate dialogue, Mark talks with his friend and renowned playwright, Eve Ensler, about the challenges and joys of writing about your life, their different approaches to spiritual practice, and the transformative power of telling the truth.

Eve Ensler, Tony Award-winning playwright, performer and activist, is the author of The Vagina Monologues, which has been translated into more than 45 languages and performed in over 140 countries. Ensler has written numerous articles for The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Washington Post, Utne Reader, International Herald Tribune, Glamour Magazine, andMarie Claire as well as a regular column in O Magazine. In November 2009, Ensler was named one of US News & World Report’s ”Best Leaders” in association with the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at Harvard Kennedy School. In 2010 she was named one of “125 Women Who Changed Our World” by Good Housekeeping Magazine. In 2011 she was named one of Newsweek ’s “150 Women Who Changed the World” and The Guardian ’s “100 Most Influential Women.”

What Graduates of Mark’s Advanced Course Are Saying...

I learned how to shine light in shadow and how to work with what I find in the shadow — gifts as well as wounds. I learned that simply putting my story in writing is transformative... I am wonderfully curious to see how I will now live a whole new life. I am renewed; 100, here I come!
— Beverley Manley-Loftus, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

[The course] has been, for me, a spiritual journey into inner healing and health. Mark offers a pathway for us to go as deep as we want, with a kind of safety net of lectures, deepening writing practices, and personal feedback... I feel a new inner confidence as I make my way along my own personal path..
— Mary Morgan, Orient, New York

I feel lighter and brighter about myself and life and am not taking myself or others quite as seriously as before.This has translated into a wonderful new sense of freedom, acceptance and more creative juices flowing in my writing and daily life.
— Anne Stamatakis, Connecticut

I have had the glass broken and seen my shadow all the way through these 9 months, a new experience for me. Resulting in a genuine love for myself, an invaluable experience as that spreads to others and is very freeing! I have more joy and confidence and certainly compassion as a result of Mark’s deep teaching and sharing.
— Mary Reygan, Sydney, Australia

I am amazed at how this course has helped me with self-esteem issues by showing me how i was making up stories that were really not true. For example, I have always found it hard to share with a large group of people. I was amazed to find myself participating in the Q&A period and also being coached by Mark a couple of times. I see myself very differently now. I feel so much freer and not at the mercy of my self-critical stories.
— Anonymous

My testimonial is that I am filled with hope, a sense of grace, a relief in gaining forgiveness, and that the course was a gift. I gained from the work, I gained from the presentations, and I gained from the experience of a wonderful group of adventurers and pilgrims.
— Wayne, Winters, California

This course was a masterfully guided tour of scary places: places I did not want to go; places I did not want to visit alone. My intuitive trust in Mark helped me to break through the denial that kept my early wounding secret; to shine some light into the shadow bag to which I had dissociated early hurts.
— Bob Finertie, Walnut Creek, California

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is a seeker... desiring to know him/herself more deeply and live more abundantly.
— Julane Borth, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you even have an inkling that you are ready for deep soul work, this course... with Mark Matousek is for you. Amazing really!
— Tasha, Canada

Join the Global Community

The Transformative Path of Writing program is not only one of the most advanced forms of online training currently available, it’s also a thriving global community of learning and practice.

Join your fellow students and practitioners from across the world in the live interactive conference calls and in our online Facebook community to support and learn from each other while you transform your life through writing.

This international community is also at the leading edge of a global movement of people who are committed to manifesting a better world for all beings. This emerging planetary movement is rooted in an open heart and stands for the principles of mutual support, cooperation, harmony and reverence for all of life.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Eighteen 90-minute LIVE Teaching Sessions With Mark Matousek (2 per month)

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored by and learn with one of the world’s most renowned writing teachers from the comfort of your own home. Each live class session helps you create the specific practices and abilities to tap into and transform your inner wounds through writing, as well as question-and-answer time. Live sessions are twice per month on Wednesdays at Noon Pacific.

Nine LIVE Group Coaching Sessions With Mark Matousek (1 per month)

To support you in integrating the tools and practices you’ll discover in this program, one session per month will be devoted to group coaching with Mark. This session is the perfect opportunity to get fresh insight and perspective from Mark about the work you are doing and deepen your discovery of healing through writing. Live sessions are once per month on Wednesdays at Noon Pacific.

Twenty-seven 30-minute Interactive Group Practice Sessions

With live class attendance at the teaching or coaching sessions, there will be a 30-minute optional interactive practice session directly following each class. You’ll be placed in an intimate group with several other participants on the conference call to interact, share and do additional practices to help further integrate the weekly lessons. If you’re unable to attend the calls live, the Online Community group allows you to connect with each other to find alternative times to interact.

Audio Recordings of Class Sessions

After each class, the audio will be available for you to download in high-quality MP3 format. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can listen anytime and anywhere — on any connected device and at your convenience.

PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. You can then review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and assist you in integrating each week’s lesson.

Online Community

Our exclusive Facebook online community is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each class. Here, you can continue the discussion about deepening practices, interact with your fellow students, and get access to additional resources to take your exploration to an even deeper level.

The Transformative Path of Writing Bonus Collection

  • The Power of Poetry to Awaken & Heal Us
    Audio Dialogue With Mark Matousek and Kim Rosen
  • Journal Keeping as an Ancient Form of Self-Counsel
    Audio Dialogue With Mark Matousek and Kathleen Adams
  • Writing, Spirit & Telling the Truth
    Audio Dialogue With Mark Matousek and Eve Ensler

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join The Transformative Path of Writing Virtual Training

We feel honored that Mark Matousek has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive LIVE online 9-month program. This is a rare opportunity to interact directly with an award-winning author and teacher — and connect with a global community of like minds and hearts who are doing this important and transformative inner work.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Mark’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you are serious about turning the pain of your inner wounds into your greatest blessings, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training with Mark Matousek.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

More Praise for Mark Matousek...

Mark Matousek’s writing instruction is transformative. His classes will change the ways in which you examine your life, and how you think about yourself as a writer. He approaches your work with a deep sense of empathy, allowing him to help you tell your story in your voice... No matter what stage of the process you are at, time spent with Mark will yield extraordinary results.
Libuse Binder, Author of Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties

Mark Matousek is a truly gifted writing coach. With an interviewer’s ear, he listens deeply and hears what people have to say. With the determination of a midwife, he helps them give birth to themselves through their words. As my “book whisperer,” he is showing me that writing is truly a spiritual path, leading not only to publication but personal transformation. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him!
Gwenyth Jackaway, PhD, Associate Professor, Fordham University

The writing course I took with Mark Matousek was an amazing journey into the soul of each who took it. We found we were able to trust each other, thanks in large part to Mark starting our first class with the words; "You’re all here for a reason, even though you may not know what that reason is." Over the course of just a handful of short sessions, I’ve come to realize that not only was I there for a reason, but that this reason was more important to my wellbeing and self-understanding than I could have possibly fathomed when I first signed on for this class... I am deeply grateful for the experience.
Brian Carr, President, Solid Threads

Mark is more of a midwife than a teacher. In addition to his innate grasp of and experience with storytelling, what makes Mark so great to work with is his very present presence — it’s what allows me to access what I’ve got to share. I’ve been meeting regularly with him for the past six months for help on the story I am writing and the process is so enjoyable I’d rather it not end.
Jeannie Demers, Freelance Writer

About Mark Matousek

Mark Matousek is a bestselling author, teacher and speaker whose work focuses on personal awakening and creative excellence through self-inquiry and life writing. He’s an award-winning author of five books, has worked with Sogyal Rimpoche on The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and collaborated with Andrew Harvey on Dialogues with a Modern Mystic. His first book, published in 1996, Sex Death Enlightenment: A True Story, became an international bestseller that was published in 10 countries and nominated for two Books for a Better Life awards.

A featured blogger for Psychology Today, Purple Clover andHuffington Post, he’s contributed to numerous anthologies and publications, including The New Yorker, O: The Oprah Magazine (contributing editor), The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Journal, Details, The Saturday Evening Post, AARP, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, and many others.

Mark, who’s on the faculty of the The Omega Institute and The New York Open Center, teaches transformational writing workshops around the U.S. and in Europe, and is the Creative Director of V-Men (with Eve Ensler), an organization devoted to ending violence against women and girls.

He brings three decades of experience as a memoirist, editor, interviewer, survivor, activist and spiritual seeker to his penetrating and thought-provoking work with students. His workshops, classes and mentoring have inspired thousands of people around the world to reach their artistic and personal goals and transform their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?
A: It’s a great way to engage live teachings and each other from the comfort of your home! All you need is a phone line (or an equivalent voice service). If there is more than one person in your household taking the course, you will each need your own line. We use MaestroConference to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, participate in groups, and deepen your exploration of the course themes.

Please note that dialing MaestroConference from your phone is a regular toll call to California; your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. Other options include calling cards and discount long-distance carriers. You can also use Skype to connect to MaestroConference at no charge, and we offer a webcast which is free to use from anywhere in the world.

I have never participated before in an online course. The packaging, presentation, inclusion and Facebook postings created a wonderful, safe cocoon to participate. I haven’t seen a course so well put together ever — not in all the years of taking college classes — and I had my doubts about doing an online course. The wealth of organization and ease of learning materials and support made this fun as well.
– Claudia F., Medford, MA

Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?
A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full community and leaders on our private community website.

Q: Can you tell me about the Private Course Group?
A: We will have a private community group for all course participants on Facebook that will support you in making connections with others, sharing insights, engaging in discussions, completing homework assignments and exchanging information about events and other activities that can supplement your transformational journey. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects and growth throughout the Course.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this Training?
A: Yes, we always make a certain percentage of spaces available for partial scholarships, giving preference to those in developing countries or doing important but underpaid work to which they can apply the training material immediately. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please review our guidelines, which include a link to our online application form.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can sample the course risk-free. The deadline to receive a full refund is June 21, 2017. To request a refund, please click on this refund request form and submit your request. Your refund will be processed within five business days and we’ll send you an email confirming your refund. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there is something we can assist you with, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help! (No refund requests accepted after the above date or with scholarship awards.)

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
A: Please visit our Customer Support Center, where you should be able to find the answer to your question or the solution to a problem. And if you can’t, you can submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you.

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